17. August 2010: Rosedale antwortet: OpenSource bleibt wichtig 

Hier sind einige weitere Fragen und Antworten aus der Q&A-Session nach Philip Rosedales Keynote auf der SLC vom Wochenende im Original [via NWN]:

Open source: What do you see the shaping influences on the metaverse growing up around Second Life, and what role does open source play in that?

I think that open source is an important part of developing virtual worlds, because there are many people who stand to benefit from helping a shared platform that provide a lot of value. There are many people using and interested in virtual worlds who are also developers or able to help with development, which suggest that an open approach should be the best one. We’re going to increase and improve our open source programs with the hope that we will be able to move faster with more help from the broader development community.

Is Linden Lab making any commitments to help Residents have wrapper licenses (and the asset mechanisms to support that) for grid portability? [I.E. Moving authorized Second Life assets to another world.]

We’re not working on intergrid transfer issues right now. We think the direction of enabling content creators to decide when the content they create can move between grids is correct. But we are not working on that right now, because we think we should focus first on the basic system working well.

Where do you see avatar portability moving in the future? Open grid? Wider worlds (MMOs, 3rd party social network integration, identity management)?

I think that people will want and need to take their avatars and identities with them across different systems. There is a lot of investment put into your avatar, it will make the most sense for it to be portable. Right now, though, we think there aren’t enough other systems or compatible software models to make it make sense to work on this.

Möglicherweise zeichnet sich hier bei Linden Lab eine vorsichtige Rückkehr zur Idee der Verbreiterung der Anwenderbasis durch OpenSource ab: schon vor drei Jahren hatte Mitch Kapor als Vorsitzender des Linden-Boards während des Weltwirtschafts-Forums 2007 in Davos erklärt: “There is a clearly stated intent to let people put up their own servers, the only way to scale, to have one million servers.” [wir berichteten]. Später wurde diese Strategie nach und nach zurückgenommen und der Versuch unternommen, SL gegen die OpenSource-Welten abzuschotten. Kommt mit dem Wechsel zum alten CEO auch der Wechsel zur alten Strategie?

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